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Italian Language & Culture abroad 

English as a Second Language

by Claudia Gamba 


Immerse yourself in the authentic Italian language & culture and savor this mind-opening experience!

Do you wish to learn or improve your English because it is not your first language? You are in the right place!

It is never too late to learn and enjoy, so select what you are interested in, such as:

·         Language,

·         Literature,

·         Philosophy, 

·         Translations,

·         Proofreading & Editing,

·         Classical Music & Opera

and... start today!

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Claudia Gamba, MPhil, MAT, CELTA


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About me

Welcome to Italiano & Much More! My name is Claudia Gamba and I am a certified Instructor of Italian as a second/foreign language and a cultural Facilitator from Italy. I am also a CELTA certified English Instructor (Cambridge Assessment English) and I teach English as a Second Language to speakers of other languages (ESL).
I immigrated to the United States to follow my heart, and to pursue my dream of a free, cosmopolitan society where anything is possible.
Teaching and helping people from all over the world to improve their lives makes me happy, and I am proud that I can give back what I was blessed enough to receive from my family, my country and, ultimately, the Universe.
I hold a Master’s Degree and credential in Teaching of Italian to foreign learners, and I hold a Master’s Degree in Philosophical Sciences (History of Philosophy and Ethics), which makes me a modern Philosopher.
Being truly keen on languages and literature, I studied Latin, Greek, German, and Spanish; I also collect hundreds of books, read extensively, and travel as much as I can.
Another great passion of mine is music: I have been playing guitar since 1997 and I hold a degree in Blues Rock from Lizard Academy, Italy. I love both classical (opera and concerts) and rock music;  I attended countless shows at Teatro "La Fenice" and "Malibran" in Venice and played with my own band for many years.
I also enjoy cooking very much. Taking after my grandparents and parents, I still follow the tradition of collecting the most authentic recipes passed on from generation to generation. I love preparing the most exquisite Italian dishes for friends and family. My passion for the Italian Cuisine motivated me to train as a Pizza Chef at DIEFFE Academy of Professions, Italy, where in 2016 I obtained a diploma as a “Pizzaiola”.
So, if you are looking for a 360-degree experience, and you are ready to dive into the Italian language and culture, do not hesitate to contact me. Together we will make it happen!

Vecchia macchina da scrivere
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Dottoressa Claudia Gamba 


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  • 1 to 1 private Italian lessons with self study material and insights

    65 US dollars
  • Study with a CELTA certified Instructor starting from any level A0-C2

    45 US dollars
  • Learn Italian in small groups and enjoy the company! Min 2 Max 4

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    45 US dollars
  • Improve your fluency speaking about any topic with a native instructor

    30 US dollars
  • Fast & accurate proofreading and editing service.

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  • Fast & accurate translation services

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  • Greek, Latin, Middle Ages, Enlightenment, Romanticism, Contemporary...

    70 US dollars
  • Italian or English Philosophy lessons

    70 US dollars
  • Musical Criticism lessons in Italian or English

    70 US dollars
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Orange County (CA)

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